GoPro Fusion 5.2k 360 Camera

GoPro Fusion Hire

If you’re looking to hire the latest and greatest GoPro product for creating 360 images and video, you’ve come to the right place. The GoPro Fusion is be capable of producing stunning 5.2k 360 video with it’s dual lens configuration.

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360 Video and Images

With the GoPro Fusion camera, GoPro have created a 360 video and photo capable action camera made from two sensors and lenses. The sensors are mounted very closely together, reducing parallax to a minimal distance. The camera features 5.2K maximum resolution recording after stitch at up to 30fps. Still images will be around 15MP.


With OverCapture, the GoPro Fusion allows you to dynamically change the perspective of the video as the camera captures footage from all angles. This allows you to do slick edits with seamless transitions from the front camera, back camera or to a full “tiny world” perspective where everything is visible. The feature will also let you punch into a 1080p resolution frame from any angle.