DJI Phantom 2 - Aerial Footage

Phantom 2 Footage
Phantom 2 Footage

Posted: May 8 2014

Having had the latest DJI Phanton 2 Quadcopter with H3 3D gimbal for the last few months, we’ve been out flying in various different conditions to try to get the best possible footage from one of our GoPro Hero 3+ cameras.

The footage below is taken from our latest flight, and is some of the smoothest footage we’ve captured using the quadcopter to date. We’re using a Neutral Density filter on the GoPro, which reduces the amount of light entering the shutter, but with the addition of the filter, the Gimbal was unbalanced, so we had to come up with a solution to balance the gimbal again. After some experimenting, we got the gimbal perfectly balanced, which greatly reduced any vibration we were getting in our footage before.

We look forward to getting more hours of flying under our belt so that we can offer our services in the field of aerial photography/video in the near future, so if you have a project that could use this kind of footage, get in touch with us to have a chat.

Carlyon Bay, St Austell – DJI Phantom 2