About Us

Xtreme Hire aspire to be the leading provider of GoPro Camera Hire in the UK, providing excellent customer service at every stage of the process.

We come from a background of action sports and we realise that it’s nice to be able to re-live some of those great moments. We also realise that the cost of decent recording equipment can be a little restrictive, especially for a piece of equipment you may only get out of its box once a year! We want to make it quick and easy to hire high quality equipment at the lowest possible cost letting you focus on filming great footage whether it’s a winter hoiday or part of a movie.

Established at the end of 2012, we have plenty of experience with GoPro cameras. We’ve had hundreds of customers varying from individuals looking to capture their winter holiday, to large production companies looking to capture a variety of large scale productions, some of which you may have seen on TV!

We take our customers satisfaction very seriously, and thanks to them, we’ve constantly evolved our service to get to where we are today. We continue to grow and stock the very latest GoPros and Accessories, so whatever you think you need, get in touch now.