How to Use a GoPro at Your Wedding

Wedding GoPro Hire
Wedding GoPro Hire

Posted: November 24 2018

So you’ve decided to film your own wedding? The idea of shooting your own wedding can be quite daunting, but with the help of some of your friends and a few tips from us, you’ll capture great memories of your big day. Carry on reading to learn how.

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Get Some Help!

When you’re shooting your own wedding video, the first thing is to NOT shoot it all yourself, enlist the help of your guests, friends and family to do the hard work for you. Not only will this take away from the pressure of doing it yourself but you’ll also get a huge range of different perspectives of the day.

Time-Lapse Your Day

A time-lapse is a great way to show the passing of time, establishing your location or moving from one time of the day to another. Capture your venue fulling up with guests, the sun rising on your big morning, or the bride and groom getting ready. All you need to do is set up your camera on a tripod or clamp and let the camera do all of the hard work!